Jak 3

Jak_3_Coverart 2764357-2573859_jak_and_daxter_3Jak 3 continues the events of Jak II, and with the death of Baron Praxis, Ashelin Praxis, his daughter becomes governess of Haven city. She reformed the Krimzon Guard into the Freedom league  and defeat surviving Metal Heads. However peace does not last as Count Veger’s plot succeeds and Jak is banished, where he has to find a way back to the city and defeat his biggest enemy so far, the Dark Makers, made by corrupted Dark Eco.

spyno1-jak-and-daxter-1342981-1024-768From Jak II the Morph Gun has been given more abilities and the world is far bigger containing one more city and a wasteland, where Jak can drive a Buggy type vehicle.

Jak 3 was also very well received by critics, with the only criticism being the degree of dificulty.


Jak 3 trailer



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