Jak II

256px-JakIIboxJak II (JakII: Renegade n Europe and Australia) the second title in the Jak and Daxter series, with darker themes and elements, it was released in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 console.

art01_21The gameplay in Jak II is quite different from The Precursor Legacy, wielding a Morph gun firearm that throughout the game can receive improvements, upgrades and modifications.

Jak and Daxter arrive at Haven city, under the control of Baron Praxis and in a war with the Metal Heads. There Jak is captured by the Praxis’ Krimzon Guard, and is experimented on for over two years until Daxter rescues him. Jak can now transform into a darker version of himself, he can gain new abilities for his dark form by collecting Metal Head skull gems.

Darkjakjak_2The story is far longer than the previous game and the plot twists and turns and even has time travel points, making this game a far more mature title and unlike any other platformer in the world at its time.

With very positive reviews from critics, it won several awards and is known for being one of the best looking, uncommon games for the PlayStation 2.


Jak II Trailer


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